The Basic Principles Of Biga Cosh Living

        a process for changing analogue alerts to electronic to ensure the telephone phone calls might be designed over the internet. (Voice About Web Protocol)

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        a little Puppy of blended breed / a small fart, detected via the nose as opposed to the ears, also FEIST, FYCE

        identical as nolo contondere, a lawful plea which accepts punishment without conceding guilt

        as in maha yoga, a type of yoga practised that has a master that includes all 8 classical yogas

Indoor Furnishings Being a purveyor of excellent, leading designer indoor furnishings and equipment, Cosh collections present present-day style making use of classic and ground breaking materials.

        a small reference segment Lower from a prolonged roll of chilly rice and different other elements wrapped in a very sheet of seaweed, in Japanese Delicacies

        to conduct by itself / a musical composition for only one voice or instrument [n SOLOS or SOLI]

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